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Alex from Earls Court:
I'm very happy to have MY-musiclesson's piano teacher to teach my 3 children. We previously had another tutor who taught my boys for many months. It was alright but my boys would only aim to get a pass in all the exams they were taking. I'm glad that MY-musiclesson's piano teacher has inspired them to enjoy practising the piano and also to do everything with excellence.

Ms J from West London:
My daughter started piano and music theory lesson with MY-musiclesson's piano teacher in London in November 2013. We asked MY-musiclesson to help her to prepare for music scholarship audition at the beginning. My daughter did not like playing the piano at that time so we thought we would not continue having lesson after the audition.
To my surprise, the way that MY-musiclesson's piano teacher teaches has changed my daughter's heart for the piano. She now likes it very much and is preparing for graded exam.

Jo from Ealing:
Just wanted to recommend to anyone who is looking for a piano teacher especially if they have young children. I live in Ealing and I have to rave on about my 5-year-old son's progress with our piano teacher as I have seen the change in him within the past 6 months of weekly piano lessons.
She manages to engage his interest in his full 30 mins lessons and I can see how he enjoys every lesson and the music books she chooses captures his interest as they are designed to be fun.
My son is not your average child as he tends to pick up new skills and knowledge quickly and our piano teacher manages to challenge and engage him by tailor-making her approach to teach him in the way where he does not feel piano lessons are boring and a chore. She also challenges him according to his own level and development and I am very happy he is taking a real interest in self-motivating himself to practice every day without me telling him to! He's never had lessons before this and rarely took an interest in playing our piano at home without me encouraging him. I can also tell that she has managed to build a special teaching relationship with my son who listens to her instructions and guidance carefully with fun at every lesson!
I cannot recommend her enough for her professional but warm, patient and friendly teaching style with my son.