When should my child start having piano lessons?

We all know that learning to play the piano helps to develop discipline, co-ordination, patience, and our cultural lives. However, not many of us know when it is the best time to let our little ones start having lessons.

Would it be too early?

Mozart mimicked his sister's playing when he was three. At the age of four, he could already play and write music. However, this does not mean every three or four year old kid would be qualified to meet their first piano teacher.

Here are a few factors to help us decide whether or not to send our children to a teacher, yet.

1. Interest in music 

Before young children are brought to meet their first teacher, they should be exposed to music at home, at school or be brought to some children friendly concerts. If they dance, sing or climb up to the piano stool and pretend to play, we know there are some good signs!

2. Do you know your ABCs and 123s?

A B C D E F G are the basic keys on the piano. We also number or fingers as 1 2 3 4 5. Children should at least know how to sing the ABC song and count numbers before they start taking lessons.

3. Physical readiness

Take a look at your child's hands. Before taking piano lessons, their hands should be big and firm enough to support each finger to move independently. After all, we are using our fingers to play the piano, not our hands. One of the good measures is to see how many fingers the little person is using while picking up a piece of biscuit, lego or any object of a similar size. If he/she is still grabbing the whole piece with his/her palm, you might need to wait a little longer. But if he/she is able to hold a pen firmly and properly, then maybe it's about time!

My child's hands might be too small...

Joining preschool music classes is a good way to prepare your child for instrumental lessons. They are fun and are available for children as young as 1 month old. You can then send your child to a piano teacher when he/she is ready.