How learning to play a musical instrument can shape your child's life

Music is one of life’s precious joys. The right musical notes can fill us with a sense of awe and imagination and give us a reason to smile. However, what few of us realize is the power learning to play a musical instrument can have on us directly. This is even more so the case in the minds of children.

If you’re a parent and are considering encouraging your child to learn how to play an instrument, consider a few reasons why music can shape your child’s life for the better.

Improves Teamwork

Children more than anyone need to learn the value and importance of teamwork. By learning how to play an instrument they begin to understand how tiny components work together to create harmony. Without one musical instrument, their favorite song to play wouldn’t be the same. This is a lesson they may not have learned otherwise.

Increases Mathematical Ability

Counting notes, learning rhythm, and understanding timing are all crucial components of learning to play music. Obviously, all of the aforementioned involves math. Mathematics, therefore, is the foundation for all musical development, which stands to reason that if a child learns to play music their mathematical ability likewise improves. In fact, research backs this up by showing that students who play music get better grades in math and reading than students who have never picked up an instrument.

Encourages Self-Esteem & Confidence

When children witness their ability to create beautiful music, their confidence soars. The ability to transform a few strings on a wooden instrument into something that sounds good and brings joy to friends and family leads to improved confidence and self-esteem.

It is our duty as parents to encourage our children to improve themselves, and by encouraging your child to learn an instrument you are setting the stage for a happier life in the end.