Why MY-musiclesson?

We believe that a child’s first music teacher plays a crucial role in their long-term musical development. Our observation has been that too often children receive incorrect instruction from poor quality teachers and develop bad habits that hold them back as they progress in their instrument.

At MY-musiclesson, we are passionate about supporting children to develop a firm foundation that will allow them to reach their full potential.

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We have the best music teachers for you

Learn from the best music teachers
All of our music teachers are from the world's leading conservatoires and they specialise in teaching their instrument

We value true education
Although we love artistic performers, we only trust and recruit those who have extensive teaching experience or have been trained in music pedagogy to teach our students.

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We look after your music education in every aspect


A tailor-made plan made especially for you
Our highly experienced team will find the best teacher and craft a programme according to your needs and particular interests.


More than just the instrumental lessons
Our teachers provide a holistic musical education which includes musicianship, theory and games to help you develop a wider cultural understanding.


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Ms J from West London:
My daughter started piano and music theory lesson with MY-musiclesson in November 2013. We asked MY-musiclesson to help her to prepare for music scholarship audition at the beginning. My daughter did not like playing the piano at that time so we thought we would not continue having lesson after the audition.
To my surprise, the way that MY-musiclesson's tutor teaches has changed my daughter's heart for the piano. She now likes it very much and is preparing for graded exam.
Alex from Earls Court:
I'm very happy to have MY-musiclesson to teach my 3 children. We previously had another tutor who taught my boys for many months. It was alright but my boys would only aim to get a pass in all the exams they were taking. I'm glad that MY-musiclesson's music tutor has inspired them to enjoy practising the piano and also to do everything with excellence.